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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Arcadians #2

So, I've been reading DC's new universe . . . wait! Wasn't the New Universe Marvel? Hunh!

Anyway, I've been reading DC's new universe, and I was upset about Superman not being married to Lois Lane anymore. See, Superman being married to Lois Lane makes him even more unique. A married superhero . . . and, yes, there are others . . . is very rare. And generally, their story was told very well. "Lois and Clark" was believable. "Lolark". And Dan Didio decided that wasn't good enough. Blasphemy!

But then last night I changed my mind. You see, it's true that the "icon" is Lois trying to prove that Clark is Superman. Superman is an icon, and as well as "Lois and Clark" works, the icon is Lois trying to prove Clark is Superman. So, if Spider-man can not be married all of a sudden, then Superman can no longer be married.

HOWEVER . . . this brought me back to Spider-man. Spider-man is Peter Parker. And Peter Parker is the Charlie Brown of the superhero world. Peter Parker always loses. THAT is the Spider-man icon. Peter Parker never wins, just like the poor geeky little kid that came home from the grocery store after buying the last issue of Spider-man with the money he hid in his sock so the bully wouldn't get it at 3:00 in the playground. And in spite of all the crap that Peter Parker goes through, in spite of the dead parents and the missed burglars and the sick aunts and the broken cameras and the beratings by J. Jonah Jameson and the beatings by Flash Thompson and the firings from the pizza delivery jobs and the best friends losing their minds . . . Peter Parker won ONCE. He got Mary Jane. He got the super-hot, super-smart, funny, loving, fun, compassionate, wild, nutty supermodel. And the icon said, "You! Kid! . . . hang in there! It just takes once!"

So YOU Joe Quesada. YOU are on my list.


♥ Kara ♥ said...

ur making a philosophical argument about comix relationships? lol! u r soooooooo sad! ;*b

The Velvet Cyclone said...

Oh, sure! Like you don't think the exact same way!