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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Arcadians #1

. . . and there came a day, just like every other, when I decided it had been too long since I wrote in my blog.

But I had nothing to say.

So I went to the bathroom to think . . . WHAT!?! It's peaceful in there!

But I still had nothing to say.

So if you click on the picture of the lovely Morning Star over there, thanks to the "Miracle" of Facebook, you can go read the electronic version of my comic book (and become a fan of my Facebook Page, hint-hint!) . . . you know, the one that I've mentioned several times herein? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Yikes! Old joke.

And if that doesn't keep you busy, maybe you can click on some of my favourite links over on the other side of the page! Find out about such varied and fascinating subjects as riding the bus, reading comic books, earning money on the internet, Canucks in Washington, overweight cats, and iPod pornography (not pornography on iPods . . . actual pornography for iPods!).

Speaking of interesting, nobody has ever asked me why the aforementioned Morning Star has the mirror image of the same mole on her face that I do . . . I figure someone may someday ask, so let me just get that awkward explanation out of the way: when developing the character, I was unsure that my artistic ability would be able to maintain a consistent "look" for the character. In comic books, it's very important for even a headshot of the main character to be instantly recognizable (ya know . . . fer "branding" and such?), but her character was not suitable for any type of headgear or mask, and, moreover, she would tend to change hairstyles from time to time. So I asked myself, "What to do? What to do?", as I scanned through my reference material, my eyes fell upon a picture of Nikki Taylor (Blonde supermodel? Anyone? Anyone?) and perhaps the second-most well-known "beauty mark" of all time next to that of fellow supermodel Cindy Crawford. Aha! But it couldn't be in the same place as either model, so where could I place it on Star's face? This is when I went to the bathroom again (I just told you that's where I go to think!). As I turned the faucet to wash my hands, I gazed into the mirror and it dawned on me, "Hey! I have a 'beauty mark'!"

And so Morning Star's distinguishing charcacteristic was born!