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Sunday, April 17, 2011

HEADLINE: YURI GAGARIN ORBITS EARTH (. . . 50 years ago . . .)

Just playing with my tablet.

Doesn't work with Photoshop for some reason.


Well, that's all I've got tonight.

Good evening to you all. Please don't forget to tip your server and drive safe!

Next week's discussion: Abortion-Do Religion and Science Actually Agree On A Topic?

*drumroll* Dah-dah-dah-dah-dah . . . dah-dah-DAH-dah!

Brought to you by . . . House-Wide Pants! Nothing beats a great pair of pants!


♥ Kara ♥ said...

soooooo looking 4ward 2 next weeks discussion mister man! `;J

The Velvet Cyclone said...

So, okay, it's like this . . . the argument for abortion always begins with the question of when life begins. Well, a single-cell organism is the definition of the simplest LIFE form. And all lifeforms are defined by their DNA, which dictates what that cell "is". Therefore, when a sperm & an egg form a cell, life has begun. And that cell has human DNA so it is effectively a living human being. And, yes, a woman should have the final say over what happens to her body, but the cell does not have the same DNA as the mother . . . it has DNA that is a combination of the mother & father's DNA. So the cell, while encompassed within the woman's body, it is actually not PART of the woman's body . . . any more than say cancer is part of her body, which it isn't because it is mutated DNA. So the woman's say in what happens to her body is to say no to having sex. If that choice is taken away, the rules should change. And I'm not condemning any woman that makes that choice, but . . .

♥ Kara ♥ said...

u think 2 much! 9,9