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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taking up Space . . .

So I says to myself, "Joe, . . .", that's what I calls myself, Joe, "Joe," I says, (and, no, Joe isn't my name, but that's what I calls myself), "Joe, I'm bored."

"Well, what do you want me to do about it, Joe?" I answer.

"I dunno, Joe, . . . maybe we can start posting that webcomic?"

I shoot back, "But it's too late on a worknight to start drawing it.

"Maybe we could just Tweet something?"

"I'm feeling chattier than 140 characters, " said Joe. "What about just typing something on our blog?"

"But you promised me that you wouldn't post anything without a picture to go with it!" Joe shouted, not really angry so much as tired and a little annoyed.

I replied, "Well, what if we linked to one of our pictures at www.artwanted.com/l_okeefe?"

"But, Joe," I retorted, "the line at the bottom says the all the content on this page is copywrited to you and me--or me and you, I always forget--and www.artwanted.com/l_okeefe is all fan art!"

"Yeah," I said dejectedly, "I guess that won't work.

"What if we just post that old sketch of our character Morning Star? You know, the one in front of the Toronto skyline?"

"Oh, yeah!" I jumped back to life at the suggestion, "That could work!"

"Now let's get out of here before myself shows up, . . . I can't stand that guy!"

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